Lake Keowee Lifestyle

Whether your choice of lifestyle is all about Retirement and the enjoyments this allows you, or you are at the prime of your active life, working , still looking for new adventures, Keowee Lake, Luxury Lake Communities have the perfect fit. Opportunities, Adventures, Community Groups-, Leagues, Charities, Hobbies, Physical fitness Centers and clubs, Social Events, Markets, Restaraunts, Tavern, Wellness Center, Hiking, Cycling, Tennis, Equestrian Center, Nature Retreats, Waterfalls, Pools, Community Events, Playgrounds of all types, and for all ages.


Membership into one Community, brings you the availability, access, and membership to all of the Communities Amenities. 7 Communities of Amenities all available to you for use and enjoyment.

Lake Activities

Boating, Marinas, boat-slips, floating water-closet, Pavilions, Beach Club, kayaking, sailing, jet-skiing, swimming, Jumping Off Rock- ( a massive rock where boaters dare the swimmers to jump off into the water and once they have, well it only becomes more fun! The boaters cheer and the jumps continue!) Water enjoyment has never been soo good! Crystal clear, emerald green, and pristine waters just calling to you. Image waking up daily to life, surrounded by the majestic beauty of the the Blue Ridge Mountains. Waking, to the sights and sounds only found while living within a Nature Filled enchantment. If one could dream of a place to live where swimming in the waters of the lake, allow you to see clearly into the waters, because they are so clear and clean, the Lake Keowee Lifestyle brings this to you! Gated and Guarded Parks, forests, Camping, and Waterfalls all a part of this Luxury Lifestyle Living. 


Are you an angler with a need to fish every chance you get? Or one whom doesn’t know much about fishing, but still likes to cast a line out every now and then. Either way, the fishing will be calling you as well. Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Spotted Bass, Crappy, Bluegill, Brown and Rainbow Trout all just waiting for your line.


Stables, Equestrian Center, trails, all await. Have horses, not sure if moving to the Communities of Keowee Lake, would allow you to continue to have your horses? Yes, sir/madam, your wish is granted. Of course! Bring the horses!


Pet parks, are also a part of life within the Communities of Keowee Lake. Pets are an important part of most families and most individual lives, so no worries, your pets will love living here, as much as you do.


Many of the Communities members, have now organized groups, for many of their favorite activities and interests. If you have “hobbies” or special interests, most likely there is already a group just waiting for you to come, enjoy and participate!There are Charities, made up of individuals and members that work together for common causes, to help raise funds, or do other good works local communities, children, and individuals. If your interest is Fitness, cycling includes groups of individuals whom collectively cycle the trails together. Health and Wellness Center is sure to have activities to feed your need to stay health and fit. Tennis is enjoyed by many among and the courts here are great! Try them out, like the golf courses, they will have a grasp on you, and you will not want to leave.

Shopping / Restaurants / Entertainment

The Market located within the Community the Reserve of Lake Keowee, allows you to be able to shop without having to drive long distances. Mail, Shopping, Restaurants, Groceries are all found here! Founders Hall brings additional fun, with live entertainment and concerts. The “Great Lawn” is a wonderful place for flying kites, having a picnic, and so much more. A place where families and friends can meet, gather and enjoy a day of fun together. Small Town Life feel, with the Luxury Lifestyle Living you crave!

There’s an Organic Farm, Restaurants with wonderfully created cuisines, and so much more, just waiting and inviting you in. Come See, “The Reserve, The Cliffs, and Keowee Lake” . Tour the Luxury Homes, and Majestic Lands and find your piece of Majestic Glory to call your new Home. 

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